My Scrapbook Studio Update!

by Lain Ehmann on June 7, 2011

Just another quick studio update. I had a great garage sale find this weekend and scooped up this:

It normally retails for $299 from IKEA, and I got it for $50 — assembled! Wowee!

It isn’t an exact match to my other furniture, but it is close enough – and it will go at the end of this kitchen island:

It gives me more counter-height workspace, and since the girls like to work alongside me, it’s great! Now, I just have to get it up the stairs. I’ve already got the drawers slated for:

1. Die cut stuff (my slice, the glass cutting mats, my Revolution)

2. Technology stuff (camera, cords, video cables, etc.)

3. Scrapbook kits that are currently in plastic bags and stored on the top of one of my Expedit bookcases in a big basket. (That works okay, but i don’t like the visual clutter).

I got one of my other Alex rolling carts all set up.

It looks like this:

The top drawer is full of artsy-type goodies:

The second drawer has all my cutting and measuring paraphernalia, like cutting blades, rotary cutters, scoring thingy, rulers, cutting mats, etc.:

The third drawer is storage for templates:

The fourth drawer is chock-full of chipboard! I use it for making my own templates, as well as for albums.

The fifth and six drawers have punches in them (the bottom three drawers are slightly deeper than the top three):

This cart is between my computer desk and my “art” desk. It’s not as close to my main scrapping space (the tall counters) as it could be, but it’s working really well for me. It’s not necessary to have constant access to these while I’m scrapping; I usually know what punches I want. And I use the things here once and put them away, if that makes sense. It’s not like adhesive that I use over and over again in a single project.

I’ll keep you updated with more changes as they unfold!

P.S. I’d love to see photos of YOUR scrapbook space! Leave a comment with a link!

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