Top Ten Reasons to Take the Layout a Day Challenge

by Lain Ehmann on September 13, 2010


LOAD is mere weeks away, and you will NOT want to miss this “episode” of the popular month-long challenge! In fact, in case you are on the fence about joining in the fun and festivities, here are ten reasons why you need to sign up, NOW!

10. It’s the best excuse for not doing laundry that I can think of.

9. Hugh, Hugh, and more Hugh.

8. Even if you don’t finish all 31 layouts, you’ll have more done at the end of the month than you did on Sept. 30.

7. It’s fun!

6. Guest speakers Ali Edwards, Celeste Smith, Katrina Kennedy, and Noell Hyman.

5. You’ll get access to the nicest group of scrapbookers on the web!

4. What else were you planning to do in October?

3. You have to do something with all those scrapbooking supplies you have.

2. You’ll get to spend the month with me, and I’m funny. Usually.

1. You love to scrapbook.

P.S. We’d love to have you join us as we explore “Story in Scrapbooking.” The fun starts October 1 — sign up now!

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