Use Your Tools – Crimper Love!

by Lain Ehmann on June 21, 2011

Use Your Tools!

This is the first in a series helping you use the tools and supplies you may already have. Why buy something new when you can dig into your scrapbook stash and find something fab? Of course, if I show you something you don’t already have, you may have to make a purchase. Be my guest. :)LINESPACE

Today, we’re focusing on your paper crimper! Mine is a Fiskars Crimper that I got at least five years ago. LINESPACEAt first used it a bit to make fun paper to put in gift bags, like this:

Remember in the 80’s when crimped hair was all the rage? It never worked for me, mostly because my hair was either too short or too curly already!

Maybe that’s why I fell in love with the paper crimper! Of course, after I made a bunch of the gift bag fill, my crimper sat around forever. Let’s not let the same thing happen to yours!

Before I show you the projects, let me share some…

Paper Crimping Tips

1. My crimper will only take paper up to 6-1/2″ wide.

2. The lighter the paper, the tighter the crimp. I couldn’t get acrylic or chipboard to work.

3. You feed the paper between the rollers, like with your kids’ Play-Doh. 🙂

4. SQUEEZE HARD! You squeeze the handle while you turn the knob that feeds the paper through. The tighter you squeeze, the tighter the crimp.

5. If you need a particular sized piece of paper, crimp FIRST. Crimping makes the paper smaller. The same goes for punching shapes.

6. Try different adhesives — you may find that you need MORE adhesive, or you may want to use a liquid adhesive or glue dots.

7. EXPERIMENT. Try different things! It’s fun! 🙂

Now for my paper crimped projects:

First, the cards:

For this one, I used three pieces of the same patterned paper, but cut them apart and moved the patterns around to create some interest.

Look how just a few different pieces of cardstock (and one piece of patterned paper) with different textures looks so cute and fun!

Same with this card — simple in terms of products, but it’s anything but boring! The different colors could look disjointed, but the crimping pulls it all together.

Now, for the simple scrapbooking layouts!

Look how crimping the same patterned paper looks totally different! Crimping is a great way to make the products you have look new and fresh.

And I think crimping this large piece of cardstock gives a masculine edge to the page, even with the flowers!

So, what do you think? Do you have a crimper? Have you used it recently? Do tell!

Update: I added this little video of how to use your crimper — live and in color!
[youtube] 570 430[/youtube]
P.S. I found some additional crimping resources:

-An 8.5″ wide crimper from Uchida.

-A 4.5″ wide mini-crimper from Armada.

-A 9″ wide crimper from Acme.

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