What an Internet Marketer Can Teach You About Scrapbooking

by Lain Ehmann on July 25, 2011

Internet marketer. It’s almost become synonymous with sleazy business practices, much the same way as “used car salesman” brings up the image of a dude sporting a tacky polyester jacket. Not attractive.


There are some good IM’ers out there. I won’t go into that too much as it’s my “other” life, and I know you’re here to talk about scrapbooking.

Warning: Transition ahead!

So… I was reading a post on effective use of images in your blogging by maestro Derek Halpern, and he had this to say:

Use Images to Direct Visitors’ Attention

As smart as we human beings are, we can’t resist certain urges, and three of those urges are as follows:

1. People can’t resist following the gaze of other people

2. People can’t resist seeing where an arrow points

3. People can’t resist following the “line of sight” of objects”

After I read this, you know what I thought, “Hmm, who do I know who uses images and might be interested in this?”


Being the very intelligent person I am, I thought, if it works for internet marketers on a website, it’ll work on the scrapbook page!

Let me break it down for you:

1. We can’t resist following the gaze of other people.

Translation: Orient your photos so that your subject’s line of sight is towards the page, not away from it.


See that photo on the far left? If I placed it on the other end of the collage, Kinsey would be staring off the page instead of towards the middle. Notice how I bookend it with the photo I chose for the right, with Kinsey looking towards the middle? Keeps viewers on my page, instead of sending their attention elsewhere.

2. We follow arrows.

Translation: Use arrows to direct the viewer’s attention.


You know I love arrows! On this page, I used a small red arrow at the lower right to help draw attention to the page’s title, since it’s not in the traditional “title” spot at the top. Also there are a lot of large competing elements — ribbons, bright colors, etc. — and I want to help people know where to begin.

3. We follow where objects lead.

Translation: People’s eyes will follow lines you create with page elements and with objects in your photos.


Notice the angle of Ben’s body. His arm and leg create a line up towards the bright yellow label in the upper left of the page — which is where this story starts. The yellow, coupled with the line created by his body, make the starting point clear. Note: This angle would be even more apparent if I were to crop and enlarge the photo, focusing on Ben and cutting out the scoreboard. But the scoreboard is an important part of the story because it has Ben’s name on it!

And so this concludes this episode of “Scrapbooking Lessons are Everywhere.”

Thanks for tuning in!

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