Where to Get Scrapbooking Ideas: Blogs and More!

by Lain Ehmann on February 13, 2012

scrapbooking ideas blogsSometimes the well just runs dry. It might be because you’ve been scrapping a ton and you don’t have any ideas left. Or it might be the opposite: The inspiration is simply overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

Never fear! Whatever your reason for needing scrapbook layout ideas, I’m your gal.

Here are five places for scrapbooking ideas:

*Blogs. I love perusing other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a page design, other times the story the blogger has told generates some ideas for me, and still other times I’ll grab a quote, a color combo, or a photo concept. (Note: don’t just limit yourself to scrapbooking blogs. DIY blogs, photography blogs, and home decor blogs are all great sources for ideas.

*Pinterest. By now you’re probably in love with Pinterest as a great way to track your own inspiration. But don’t forget to click on “Explore” down at the bottom and check out some new folks. Architecture and design boards are always fantastic avenues to new ideas, ones I wouldn’t necessarily find on my own.

*Quotes. Because I love words so much, I find inspiration from quotes. In fact, I often start a scrapbook layout with a quote or song, and see what comes to mind from that.

*Your kids. Ask your kids what stories you haven’t scrapbooked yet. Their answers may surprise you! Every time I ask my kids what I’ve left out of our family’s albums, they come up with answers I never would have thought of.

*Your albums. Don’t recreate the wheel. Go back to your albums again. Can you continue a story you began to tell but realize there’s more to say? Is there a page you love that you’d like to update or recreate? Is there a theme you can see now that wasn’t apparent when you first made a layout?

P.S. Where are some unexpected places where you find scrapbook inspiration? Share!

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