Ep 37a: Why You SHOULDN’T Sign Up for LOAD.

by Lain Ehmann on January 24, 2012


I’ve spent the last week or so telling you all the reasons why you need to sign up for LOAD212 — the Layout a Day challenge in February.

Today I want to tell you why you SHOULDN’T sign up for LOAD. “What?” You might be saying. “Isn’t LOAD for everyone?”

Well, everyone (almost) is welcome, but there are certain people who just won’t (for lack of a better word) be the “right kind.” Read on to see what I mean:

Don’t sign up for LOAD if:

1. …You don’t like to scrapbook. Seriously. We’re creating a layout a day here, folks. If you don’t like scrapbooking, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

2. …You’re a big grump. We LOADsters pride ourselves on being the nicest group of scrapbookers on the internet. If you are a grump, a whiner, a victim-type, or otherwise unpleasant, please go somewhere else.

3. …You just had twins or triplets. If you gave birth to multiples in the last few weeks, I suggest you take a pass on this episode of LOAD and wait until May. Just a piece of friendly Mom advice. But hey, who knows? Maybe your kids are already sleeping through the night and entertaining each other. If that’s the case, c’mon down!

4. …You are competing in Dancing with the Stars. I hear it’s pretty grueling. You may want to use your off-hours for foot massages instead of scrapbooking. I know I would.

5. …You will be on the Space Shuttle or otherwise away from reliable internet access during the month of February. You can certainly sign up, if you wish, but it will be tough to get you your daily prompts.

6. …You can’t stand the sound of my voice. I know, I’m somewhat of an acquired taste, sort of like brussels sprouts or Schlitz Malt Liquor (so I’ve been told). If you don’t like to listen to me, don’t sign up for LOAD. You’re getting a video every day from me, and I don’t want to drive you bonkers.

7. …You take your scrapbooking too seriously. Trust me, scrapbooking is an important part of my life. After all, it’s how I keep my kids in school and my feet clad in the latest PUMA footwear! 😉 But those of us who tend to sign up for LOAD know that, when it comes right down to it, scrapbooking is paper and glue. It’s not life-and-death, it’s not rocket science, and it’s definitely not worth tears or hurt feelings. It’s just something we love, very very much.

8. …You don’t know how to upload an image to the internet. I hate to say this, but if you are technically challenged (or challenging!) you may want to learn a few basics before signing up for LOAD. We move fast, and if you’re still figuring out how to open your email, you may get very frustrated. Take a few refresher courses and then join us when you know the difference between a flash drive and a flasher. (Don’t let this one scare you off — as long as you can watch videos online, save, upload, and resize images, and access an online message board, you’re fine! We’ve even got some videos to help you with the resizing and uploading!)

9.  …You’ve scrapbooked every photo and every story you could imagine ever wanting to tell. If you’re “caught up” and have no unscripted stories or photos, you may be very bored in February. Maybe you should take up macrame instead?

10. …You’re not willing to take a risk. I know that trying anything new is risky. But that’s where the fun is! Those who get the most from LOAD are those who are willing to push themselves a bit, try something new, expand their comfort zones, and go with the flow. It’s tough — I’m a recovering control freak, so I get it! — but that’s where the juicy berries are. But if you can’t see yourself relaxing into the process a tad, you ‘re going to be pretty miserable during LOAD.

There. That’s it. If you didn’t self-identify in one of the categories above, then we’d love to have you join 310 other scrapbookers who are fab and fun and feeling groovy for the month of February.

You can sign up here: LOAD 212.

Can’t wait to get to know you more!

P.S. I created an audio version of this, in case you’d prefer to listen to my dulcet tones. 😉

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